Timestealer Comic Book: Issue #8 (1st edition version)

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1st edition PRE-ORDER. Only 100 copies total to be printed.

Please note that this is the 1st edition version for collectors, which includes bonus art pages. Will come with a blockchain-based certification of authenticity that is encrypted and securely recorded on the world's most popular blockchain, Bitcoin. For more info, see oneblueland.com/faq

Series: The Satoshi Series
Issue: #8
Version: 1st edition
Total Print Volume: 100x physical copies
Release Date: ~November 2021
Shipping: ~Early December 2021
Publisher: One Blue Land


Satoshi, Captain Bitcoin, Tsukiko, Rai, and Sir Whale all come together in their final battle with the ultimate nemesis...the Timestealer.

1. ​​​Please note that this is a pre-order of the 1st edition version (100x copies)
2. For the limited physical version (2000x copies) see other selection
3. For the non-fungible-token 1st edition version (100x NFTs), details to follow.

Stats Per Comic Book Issue:
Digital Copy:
 Free, Unlimited
Physical Prints: 100x 1st edition + 2000x Limited Edition = 2100 total copies
NFTs: 10x 1st edition + 200x Limited Edition = 210 total NFTs


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