Sir Whale Comic Book: Issue #3 (1st Edition) CGC 9.6

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This is a CGC graded version with a grade of 9.6
Certification Number will vary, but the grade will be 9.6

The Satoshi Series
Issue: #3
Version: 1st edition - physical comic book
Total Print Volume: 100x physical copies
Pages: 52
Release Date: Jul 9, 2022
Publisher: One Blue Land

From a very young age, Wallace Hale has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. He is eager to jump at any opportunity and learns from repeated failures. Despite his persistence, his businesses all go underwater. He runs across a very wealthy man who takes him on as an apprentice and through his guidance, was able to build unimaginable wealth. Now at the top of his career, he faces yet again another slew of problems that threatens everything he has built – until he meets a mysterious individual who goes by the name of “Satoshi”…

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