Infection No.95 Comic Book: Issue #4 (1st Edition) CGC 9.8

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This is a CGC graded version with a grade of 9.8
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The Satoshi Series
Issue: #4
Version: 1st edition - physical comic book
Total Print Volume: 100x physical copies
Pages: 52
Release Date: Dec 21, 2022
Publisher: One Blue Land

Did you ever wonder why we’re never taught about the reality of economics and are instead encouraged to become consumers? As young people, teachers force us to pick a career; parents tell us to get a mortgage. Advertising tells us to buy stuff, and all the while, the banks send us love letters, offering loan upon loan. Before we know it, we’re just another number in the ‘rat race’. Our minds have been infected, conditioned to always be trapped in this '9-to-5 job mentality', always looking forward to the weekends and holidays. We are zombies...slaves to a debt-based system. In this issue, the newly formed team of Captain Bitcoin, Tsukiko, Rai, and Sir Whale alongside Satoshi take on their first mission together to fight this...infection.

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