Captain Bitcoin Comic Book: Issue #1 (1st edition version)

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1st edition PRE-ORDER. Only 100 copies total to be printed.

Please note that this is the 1st edition version for collectors, which includes bonus art pages. Will come with a blockchain-based certification of authenticity that is encrypted and securely recorded on the world's most popular blockchain, Bitcoin. For more info, see

The Satoshi Series
Issue: #1
Version: 1st edition
Total Print Volume: 100x physical copies
Release Date: ~April 2021
Shipping: ~Early May 2021
Publisher: One Blue Land

Recently turned 30-year-old Cal Peterson always knew that there was more to life than being buried in debt and working his mundane "9 to 5" job. Time seems to be passing by so quickly and yet, he feels...stuck. He struggles to get out of the rat race until one day, he meets a mysterious individual who goes by the name of "Satoshi"...

1. ​​​Please note that this is a pre-order of the 1st edition version (100x copies)
2. For the limited physical version (2000x copies) see other selection
3. For the non-fungible-token 1st edition version (100x NFTs), details to follow.

Stats Per Comic Book Issue:
Digital Copy:
 Free, Unlimited
Physical Prints: 100x 1st edition + 2000x Limited Edition = 2100 total copies
NFTs: 10x 1st edition + 200x Limited Edition = 210 total NFTs

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